Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Early Bird catches the Worm..

I saw this on another blog and thought it was a great idea. Attention fellow bloggers......Be one of the first three to leave me a comment and you'll get something special, made for you by me!! You won't regret it

And now, the fine print...

1. No guarantees that you will like what you get
2. What I create will be made specifically for you.
3. It will be done sometime this year.
4. Most importantly, you must offer this same deal on your blog-the first three people to comment on your post get something from you!


The Hansons

Hey Amber, why don't you leave me your address and I will find something that I will be able to send to you! (Though I have to admit, you're very talented and crafty and I'm not...whatever I end up doing, don't look closely!) Thanks for commenting and catching the bug...whoever started this little game was amazing!!


Yeah, i'm so excited to get something made by you!!! Keep up the good work.


Hey, I haven't started up my blog yet but I will pass something on and promise to start up a blog soon. :) How is it going? Miss you guys!

Turley fam

Am I too late...yep looks like I am. Oh well, fun post.

The Hansons

Amber you are too sweet! I'm going to leave you my address because you asked for it BUT, you really, really don't need to send me anything, especially since I'm already doing this and it looks like you've got others who would like to participate w/ you!
It's up to you!

912 Anne St. #4
Rexburg, ID 83440

Btw, what is your color scheme in your living-family room/kitchen? I'm trying to cook up some ideas for you;)