Thursday, June 4, 2009

Would you let me watch your child??

My friend Bambi's adorable daughter Alyssa has or should I said HAD beautiful long hair. The problem was that she hated having her hair brushed or put up so it was constantly in her face and tangled. Bambi decided it was time to cut it and I volunteered for the job. I can tell you that it was a good thing that neither of the parents were there or they might have cried when I cut that long ponytail off. I have to say that I LOVE the new haircut and it fits her cute personality. I was worried when Bambi came to pick her up though.. I'm not gonna lie!
Thanks for trusting me with your daughter Bam & Dustin. She is still as adorable as ever!

Before and After

I kept the ponytail for Alyssa to have............... look at that cute face!
What are your thoughts?



Amber - We love it and She loves it! Thank you! You are so imcredable! Thank you for all your wonderful ideas on style too, You should have seen her this morning showing off her hair! So cute! Love Bambi & Dustin & Alyssa.


Sorry can't spell- LOL Incredable!


still wrong- lol!


We cut Rachel's long hair last year and donated it to charity which made Rachel so proud! Alyssa's hair is super cute! Good job!


oh my gosh that was a lot of hair! The new style looks adorable though and it will be great for summer!
How come your not a beautician??

Dave & Susie Crandell

I hope you donated that beautiful hair!

Turley fam

Love the new cute - she is super cute!


what a good job!! her hair is super cute!!!


Aw that is so cute I love her hair cut! I bet her parents are so relieved when they have to do her hair and dont have to comb through long hair! You did so good why dont you do hair in a salon!? I love your blog its all done so cute you have got to give me tips! Looks like you had a blast in Mexico I am so jealous I would love to be on that beach! Those are really pretty sunset pics too-good job!:) Its been way too long when I get all better we are so going to hang out again someday!:)


Girl her hair looks so cute now, you did such a great job. Not sure if she is going to donate her hair or not, but Locks Of Love is great and the website tells exactly how to donate. Great haircutting job girlie!--Heather

Brooke and Brett Martin

Look at you short-haired-lovin girl these days!! WOW-that cut is so cute on her...way to go.
Your beach trip looked heavenly. And I mean...heavenly.
LOVE your new header- it's bright and makes me happy.
Wished I could have seen you yesterday. Where were you? Hope all is well and I hope in the next month or two- we can get together and do a fun little girls night. we will plan it together. I Just need some busy times and stresses to pass for now...
thinking about you. You really are such an amazing giving selfless person. Love ya.