Thursday, May 28, 2009

Beach Bums

Over Memorial weekend we had the pleasure of going to the beach in Mexico with my family. There is just something so relaxing about the beach that I absolutely LOVE. We rented a house right on the beach which was fantastic, it was really hard to come home after being in paradise for a few days. I don't know who loved the beach more, the kids, the dogs, or all of us adults. While we were there we flew kites, built sand castles, rode the waves, layed in the sun (some of us got sunburned), went exploring on the beach, stayed up til midnight playing Phase 10, went shopping to the Mexican grocery store (always a good time), and watched the gorgeous sunsets. Everything about the vacation was wonderful except the three hour wait at the border on Monday night to get back into the US. I'm ready to go again!!!!

Our Happy Family of Three

Wow.. He's a hottie!!........................................Me, chillin on our patio

We found this crab on our nightly strolls along the beach.......... Ry and Max

Bryn striking a pose........................Jack LOVES the beach!!

Rachelle & Max............................................The girls minus Mom and Bryn

Rachelle & Bryn out exploring.....................Bryn (love this one)



Beautiful pictures Amber! And the editing is fantastic! Looks and sounds like you all had tons of fun, wish I could get a vacation soon!

Baby Oven

I am so jealous!! I want to spend a weekend on the beach. k, I have to ask, how do you know Rachelle? I think she is one of the coolest people in the world. Lucky her for knowing you.

Amber and Ryan Howard

Rachelle is my sister-in-law. She is married to my brother Ben. How do you know her??

The Howards

Okay, next time you go, we want to tag along too. Looks like a relaxing weekend.


What a fun vacation. I've never been to Mexico, and I've always wanted to go. Btw, I love your hair short Amber. Super cute! :)


I love those pictures!! Something so cool about the beach...

The Evans Family

Love the pics thanks for Sharing. Girlfriend you ROCK that hairstyle! It brightens your white smile and really makes you stand out. I could feel all the happy energy and vibes off the pictures! love ya chickie dee!


i love mexico!! if someone asked me to go in five minutes, i would be ready in two!! i'm so jealous! it looked like you guys had fun despite the sunburns!!

Turley fam

Ahhhh, looks wonderful. Ok so I have to ask....was it as scary down there in Mexico right now as everyone is saying? I've heard some horror stories lately, what did you think? Why so long at the border, just a big weekend?