Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More Weddings??

Is it possible that there are 2 more weddings in our near future? This is definately the year of weddings. If your single... make sure and drink the kool-aid thats going around. My cousin Deann just got engaged recently and with the help of Ryan and myself our good friends Jeff and Laura are engaged.
Here is the story of how Jeff proposed to Laura.
Up until last night they had been in Georgia visiting Jeff's family. They had flown out to Georgia so Laura could meet Jeff's family and get their approval. Unknown to her, Jeff and I were plotting behind Laura's back to have a proposal set up for the night they were getting back. The engagement ring was not finished yet so it was my job to find an in-between ring that he could use to propose with. I also got the fun task of decorating her house and making it all romantic for when they stepped foot in the door. I sent Ryan off to the airport to pick them up and I stayed behind to finish setting up. I had a candlelit path setup with a dozen white roses leading the way to the bedroom which is where he was going to propose. Along the way there were photos of the two of them placed next to the candlelight. Once they entered the bedroom I had placed a single pink rose on the bed with the ring tied to it.
Laura was completely surprised which was what we had hoped for. I barely made it of the house in time, I was running down the street as the car pulled up. Luckily they didn't see me which was a complete miracle. We stayed close by and got to be the first ones to congratulate them and take their pictures. In fact we were peeking in the back door when we got the call so we came running through the door screaming. ha ha
Congratulations you two... we had so much fun helping and we are so excited for you!

Kitty got dressed up for the occasion.
This is the view as they entered the door. It was much darker than the picture shows.

Pictures placed along the way.

Up the lighted stairway to the bedroom........................ single rose on the bed

Close up of the rose with the ring.
The ring says "May your wildest dreams come true"

Cali was so excited.. she was waiting on the bed.

Happy Little Family

12 White roses and the one "special" rose

Re-enactments of the proposal


Reena Bostock

OH...I love LOVE! So cute!


now that is what I call a cute proposal. How fun that you guys got to be in on it.
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