Thursday, September 18, 2008

What a difference a year makes....

The title says it all. Ryan and I will be celebrating our first anniversary in a few weeks and as I reminisce about the past year, I’m surprised by all the changes we have made in our lives. Of course the most obvious one is our PHYSICAL transformation. In the past year I have lost about 50 pounds and Ryan has lost about 35 pounds. It has taken hard work and perseverance but I’m so proud that we didn’t give up along the way. Another change we were not planning nor expecting was a job change this year. Ryan is now working with University of Phoenix which is a blessing because he can finish his degree for FREE and they offer medical benefits which we did not have. Although unexpected, I think this will be a good thing for us and our family. Since it has been a year of change, I decided it was time for a change in me too. I contemplated chopping my hair off until I got out the photo albums and looked at me with short hair and decided against it. I had it short for so many years that I’m just not ready to make the commitment to short again. So I cut the ends, added a few shorter bangs and COLORED it. Of course I didn’t go too far away from my natural color (about a half shade) but it’s a big step for someone who doesn’t normally color their hair. I’m probably the only one that can tell a big difference but to me it’s a HUGE change.

I’m so thankful to have changes in life because that’s how we grow and learn and I look forward to more changes in the coming year. We will keep you posted as they happen.

Do you remember this girl?........... She's turned into this girl...

(The first picture was taken on October 4th of last year.. the day before my wedding.)



lookin good bizzy! Happy Anniversary! You know, after the first year it all gets even better!All the talk about big changes made me think (baby) but okay, I'll just settle for a cute haircut!

brooke martin

47 pounds lighter and an even blonder babe!! CHECK YOU OUT GIRL!! SMOKIN HOT!!! It looks great...I was a little scared I'm not going to lie. BEAUTIFUL!

Tiffany Fackrell

happy anniversary, and I think you are beautiful in both pictures!! I am so so happy Ryan found you. His family spoke nothing but incredibly good things about you at the family reunion this summer. We were all so bummed that we couldn't meet you!


Love the bangs! Happy 1 year Anniversary I wish you both lots of happiness.


YOu do look cute in both pics! But that is a good color I was thinking it was gona be alot diff! I like it tho I wana be that blonde again!:) Happy one yr, it goes by quick huh!? Next change a baby!:)

Lara and Jon

YAY! I love it!! Honestly I was a little nervous but it looks GREAT and your face totally shrunk! Aww I miss you! I agree with Jessica. Next change is a baby for sure!! :)


Amber, you look absolutely amazing! I can't believe it has been a year - we are so glad that you have become part of our family. We love you! Janelle


you look great! Congrats to you on the anniversary and the weight lose!


You look great! Can't believe a year has gone by! I'm excited to hear of Ryan's new job. I'm ready for a change with my hair too...I'm thinking of the color auburn...maybe if I get enough courage to do it!


Congratulations on your 1 year celebration. You are lookin' good. Your face is soooo thin. Looks great on you!

Shelley Goodman

You look smokin amber! So cute! Happy anni to you guys. My sis in law just told me about the Im so blessed blog,hahaha! Why didn't I think of doing that?


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Happy Early 1st Anniversary! And your hair looks darling on you and way to go on losing all that weight, you both look fab!

Mama Apes...

Yahoo for the first year...They always say it's the hardest one of marriage! You look great, I know it's hard to loose weight! Congrates to both you and Ryan!

The Smiths

Beautiful then, beautiful now :)


Wow, that year has gone fast! You two are perfect for each other. Amber you have so much determination, way to go. You look amazing! Good luck in many wonderful and eventful years to come. (We are so excited to see what is to come in the coming year for you.) We love you. Shauna