Saturday, September 27, 2008

Its Ladies Night.. oh what a night!

(Naomi, Bambi, Me, Laura, Jenny)

I was lucky enough to have another girls night out this month. As we get older and our lives become more and more busy, its almost impossible to get together with my girlfriends without the kids and the husbands. When a rare opportunity comes up when we can have a little girl time... we jump at the chance. Friday night we through on some MAC make-up and headed out the door to live it up. After we devoured plenty of yummy hawaiian food we headed over to Tempe Marketplace to do a little window shopping and enjoy the live band. Next up... back to my house to make homemade caramel korn which we inhaled, more chatting, and of course a chick flick. I had so much fun, and I can't believe I stayed up until 4am chatting! Thanks for coming everyone... I LOVE YOU ALL!


Lara and Jon

Dang gurl, yous lookin FINE! Nice and trim with tig ol' bitties. Sorry I couldn't make it that night. Miss you!!


That is so fun you guys were all able to get together. Very cute picture!


Amber - I just have to keep telling you how amazing you look. You are just melting away. Keep up the good work even though it is getting harder. Beautiful!



Had a lot of fun with you. Can't believe we stayed up til 4am!! I want the recipe for the caramel korn please. :) Luvs ya!

Lara and Jon

Oh man if we had more money we'd probably be in Mexico for our anniversary too. Have fun!!! We decided we are just going to go sit down and eat as much Sushi as our little hearts desire! We've gone without it for too long. We are dying over here! Well when you come back we will have to get together. Happy Anniversary to us! October 5th baby! Whoot!


Hey, thanks for saying Hi! I had just gotten my hair done and a spray tan before than pic was taken on our anniversary, so thats why I look like that. Everyone looks great with a tan. Take care!!

Nichols Family

Amber! Thanks for finding me! Wow, I just got caught up on your life! Congrats (a year later) on your wedding, etc! Keep in touch.
Jennie Nichols


Hey I got your blog message and on are you?! Gosh its been so long I can't believe you remembered Jennie and I ;) You look awesome, and Im happy for you that you got married! Congratulations and keep in touch, oh and I'll add you to my blog.
talk to ya again soon, Karen


LOVE love love the new background! I use google reader, so it might not be that new, just to me! I want the carmel corn recipe, too! Maybe you could post it?