Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Girls Night Out!

I'm always so slow to post things. Last friday night was girls night out and we started the night out at Cheesecake Factory. Yummy!!! I think we went through about 6 bread baskets there... it was almost embarassing. After we stuffed ourselves we headed over to Brooke's house for dessert and more chatting. It was a FUN night and it is always nice meeting and making new friends. We will have to do it again ladies. We took a picture after dinner which I'm not crazy about but I'm posting it anyways!

Me, Alyssa, Jillian, Brooke, Jessica, and Tiffany.


brooke martin

Holy crap! THOSE ARE A BUNCH OF BABES!!!!!! WHAT A FUN FUN FUN NIGHT HUH?! Can't wait until next time!! You are such a doll and I'm so glad you moved into the ward. I know this was the first of many night outs!
I'm so glad Shelley wasn't in the picture. Next time...let's not even invite her at all! ;) heehee just kidding shelley.

Shelley Goodman

Brooke is a nerd huh Amber! Actually I am glad I wasn't in the picture but I am sad I missed out on dinner. There is NO shame in how many bread baskets you go through always remember that. Fun times!


Ugh that is def a bad angle for a pic but that was waayyy fun I am so glad I went we gotta do that lots and lots more!:) Ya'll are so fun! Oh and I put that Seriously So blessed on my page so if ya'll wana check it out, its so funny