Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Healing Field!

In memory of the horrible and sad events that happened on September 11, 2001, I visited the Healing Field at Tempe Beach Park. As you quietly enter the park you are immediately humbled by the massive amount of flags waving around you. Each one represents a person who lost their life on that infamous day 7 years ago. Upon inspecting each flag you will find the name, picture, and occupation of a person who died that day. The hardest part was seeing the flags that represented the children. These were easily identified by the stuffed animals at the bottom of their flags. The event lasts through Sept. 14th and I recommend everyone go take a walk through the park. I have enclosed a video with some of the pictures I took while I was there.


brooke martin

You are amazing for taking the time to do this. What a productive thing to do and take part in. I can only imagine the spirit of gratitude for our country that was felt there. I can't wait to hear more about it... see you tomorrow night!!!


Thanks, Amber! It made me a little teary eyed just watching and feeling that sense of pride for America. I am sure that it was absolutely amazing to be there and see the display. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for the text also. Sometimes we need those little reminders to appreciate how blessed we are!



That is a cool video you made I wana cry! Sadness!


Wonderful slide show. I will have to take the family this weekend. Thank you for this.

Shelley Goodman

I need to go do that. I feel like such an un American because I didn't eve realize that it was
9/11. I even went to the bank and put 9/10 on the deposit slip. So sad!

brooke martin

You are seriously so lucky we chose to do Shelley's over your house friday night!! hahahaha...we weren't too sure how your hubby would have responded to that!!! i have to figure these things out ya know.

brooke martin

i swear i don't REALLY live on the computer. i'm off and on though a lot through out the day. don't worry about sending me the picture- alyssa just sent it this morning and i already posted it to my blog. check it cute.
australia is a dream mission don't you think?? my brother's hard work and honesty has sure payed off. he was issued the same call exactly a year ago. something happened shortly after and he was not able to go. at one point he wasn't even sure if he wanted to go back out. he pulled it together, despite what was going on around him, and did whatever he could to get back out there. he's amazing and i'm proud of him for being faithful enough to back out when being unworthy instead of going when he shouldn't. okay erase this post!! heehee
where did ryan serve?