Thursday, August 28, 2008

Celebrity Morph

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That is awesome! I had to watch it like three times because you really started looking like Faith! Who knew! You could be famous.

brooke martin

wooow. That's cool! I seriously need to forward you this Dove email I got of how they transformed this plain jane girl into a billboard model. actually she wasn't plain jane- she was pretty hidious looking for that matter. and they showed how after the make up they cropped her from side to side too...IT'S SUCH AN INSPIRING MESSAGE FOR YOUNG GIRLS TO STOP COMPARING THEMSELVES TO MAGAZINE MODELS B/C MOST OF THEM AREN'T REAL! okay it's after midnight and i know that was such a random thought. i'm rambling...


That was so cool. You actually really do look like her. Weird!

The Bizzys!

I thought this was so cool. You submit your picture and they come up with a celebrity that looks like you and then you morph into them. I never thought I looked like Faith Hill but apparantly we have similar facial features so its pretty cool to watch.

The Bizzys!

So if Amber is Faith Hill... Does that mean I am Tim McGraw? Sweet!! I get the balding head under the cowboy hat.


That is freaky! I wanna do it!

Shelley Goodman

That is creep cool! I wonder who I can morph into? Probably someone weird like martha stewart

brooke martin

i thought for sure our infamous picture from our photography class would be up by now! GIRL YOU ARE SOOOO SLACKING! i'm joking but seriously when is our next date night? this weekend?? brett's b-day is on thursday. maybe we can try to get a group together for friday nignht?? let me know- i can send out an email or WHAAATEVER. we have access to a wolleyball court that is sooo much fun to play if we wanted to play that too. it's right by our church so not far at all. let me know.


Your blog is so fun. I can't believe how much you look like Faith Hill! Keep up the great work on your posts!