Sunday, August 31, 2008

I'm a Slacker!

I've totally been slacking lately on posting things and I have no excuse. I'm posting some random stuff from the past few weeks, & there is more to come. On a high note....Ryan starts work at University of Phoenix on September 8th so we are excited about that.

My brother Ben was working outside and got really sweaty. We had a good laugh when he came inside because it appeared that he had sweat the batman symbol onto his chest. Coincidence or is he the REAL BATMAN???

I was eating a potato chip and I found this one in the shape of a heart. Coincidence or am I just LOVED???

Movie Night... Lara, Stephanie and myself went to see Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2. The movie was good but not as good as our hair. In defense of our hair... I have to say that it was raining before we got into the theatre.

When we left the movie we decided to take a picture of our pants. I don't think we could ever fit into the same pants though. Lara you have such a cute lil hiney! Bring on the magic pants!

The FANTASTIC FOUR!! (Me, Laura, Cady, Michelle) These are 3 of my closest single friends. Before I was married... we called ourselves the fantastic four. We all met for dinner last week to catch up because we are NEVER all together anymore. Thanks girls.... I love you all!

Me and my wife Brooke. ha ha At Enrichment this month we could take classes so I decided to take one on photography. Brooke was in the class as well and we were the example couple for taking photos of couples. I was the man and Brooke was my wife. Umm... wifey, I've been waiting for you to come cook me dinner. I think I want a divorce!!



Love the batman symbol, that was a crack up!!!

Lara and Jon

Wow...I don't have a cute butt. In fact I have no butt at all!! It's totally flat and square I hate it. I need some junk!! Fun times. And in that picture of me, you, and Stephanie...I'm the only one that looks like a wet dog from the rain!!


The batman symbol and the heart chip are hilarious!