Saturday, August 16, 2008

Bowling for Dummies!

Well, I'm a week behind in posting this. We went BOWLING with our neighbors and friends Jon & Lara Stowell. Can I just say that bowling is NOT cheap. I had a coupon for a free game and it still cost us $40 for the 4 of us to bowl. That's INSANE!! But, we did have a good time and we all bowled over 100 on the 2nd game.... we're thinking of starting a league. ha ha . I loved the funny faces we all made!


Lara and Jon

OH MY GOSH WORST PICTURE OF ME EVER!!!! I will pay you to take that off!!!! YOU ARE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE!!! I look freakin disgusting! You can totally see my spare tire AND my bra through that shirt. I will NOT be wearing that one again. YUCK! Fun times though. Of course your picture is all cute. Jon's face is hilarious. He's totally giving the stink-eye.

The Howards

Okay, after all the talk of Ryan being the master at Wii Bowling he didn't break 200? Okay, so maybe a 15 lb bowling ball is a little heavier than a Wii remote, but can't be that different can it? :)

Shelley Goodman

ha ha, that is a good pic of Lara. Man, bowling did get expensive. I guess paying 9 bucks to see a movie and being entertained for at least 2 hours isn't so bad after all.


I hate to bowl, probably because i never get higher then 60 and it costs so flippin much!

You guys are good bowlers and look cute doing it, not fair!:)


Fun! I so gota hang with you guys that looks fun! And Lara that pic is cute whatever! haha That last pic of you two is cute!