Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happiest Place on Earth!!

(Tory, Me, Carlee)
This past weekend I went on a VERY short but VERY fun girls trip to the MAGICAL KINGDOM aka THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH aka DISNEYLAND!

I LOOOVE doing girls weekends, and getting away from the every day hustle and bustle is a definate MUST every now and then. Tory and I flew in Thursday night and met up with my cousin Carlee. We spent ALL day Friday at Disneyland and California Adventure and I'm pretty sure we walked AT LEAST 8 miles during the day because our legs where KILLING us by the time we left the park. While there we ate then rode rides, ate, watched a show, ate, rode some more rides, ate some more, watched another show, ate even more, etc etc... Ha ha Its a good thing we walked a ton because there is just too many good treats to pass up at Disneyland.

Two of my favorite girls on Main Street USA

Our first ride of the day- ROARING RAPIDS.
Let's just say I was NOT happy. There is nothing worse than walking around all day in WET clothes especially wet jeans. But for the record, I still went on the ride and was a good sport. But YES, I did get pretty wet.

Getting warm next to the BEAST'S fireplace



Posing by the front entrance.. a MUST

We watched the ALADDIN show in California Adventure and it was FABULOUS like always!
World of Color was AMAZING!!! They shoot water in the air and project images onto it. I could never describe it and make it sound as amazing as it really is. Definately something everyone should see.

A HUGE Thank you to Larry & Christy for letting us stay at their beautiful home. Thanks again!

On Saturday we hung out in Long Beach and had an awesome lunch down by the water. Later we drove by the Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills and saw a couple of girls going in the gates to "Spend the Night" ha ha
I had a wonderful, fabulous, awesome, terrific weekend. Thank you Tory and Carlee. Love you guys and I can't wait until we can have another awesome weekend together.