Thursday, March 3, 2011

February 2011

Wow, I guess we have been busy. I'll try to catch you up to speed. I'm sure I'm gonna leave lots out so feel free to fill in the blanks with something AMAZING! Whatever you imagine is probably 10 times better than whatever we were ACTUALLY doing. Let's see, where to start... hmmm. We have been doing a little more home improvements around the house like painting, curtains, and minor changes. Its crazy how little changes can make a BIG difference though. For Valentines Day we didn't do much. We went to a Ward Party on Friday night and got our picture with Mr. Valentine (or whoever he was suppose to be). Ha ha

Our family room ( We painted the wall and reframed our temple photo) I love love love it!

My friend Cady got engaged (YAY) and we threw a bridal shower for her a few weeks ago. I'm so so excited for her and Kevin. Congrats guys, we love you!!

I made this super cute banner for the bridal shower....
I finally broke out my sewing machine I got for my birthday back in December and decided to start a few projects. I made a super cute dress for my 2 year old niece Lu and I had extra fabric so I whipped up a skirt for my friends one year old daughter. I can't wait to have time to do some more projects. Think I'll start working on Christmas presents NOW!

Bailey wearing her skirt
This past weekend Eric and Tory came into town and it was Eric and Cady's (yup they are triplets) birthday so we had a PARTAY at our house. Dinner was great, Tritip, Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes, and asparagus. I went all out for the festivities! We stuffed ourselves then had a JUST DANCE 2 Dance Off to work off some of those calories. It was hilarious, I just might have to post some of the videos. Thanks to everyone that came to celebrate!
Happy Birthday Eric & Cady, we love you guys!




Oh boy, Mr. Valentine is a perfect addition to your picture. He just seems to set the tone for Valentine's Day! Looks like a fun month.