Monday, August 9, 2010

I want to be a dog!

On Saturday the weather was beautiful... I know, I know... its Arizona and its SUMMER but we woke up to beautiful 80 degree weather and suprisingly it stuck around for several hours. We were so excited to have cooler weather and so were the dogs. They get soooo bored and fat during the summer months that any hint of cooler weather and we load them up and head to the dog park. So with their tails wagging we loaded up all three boys ( we are dog sitting my parents dog Frankie) and headed out for a fun morning. First stop was Sonic for some breakfast.... and I'm not talking for Ryan and I. The three boys feasted on breakfast burritos and I swear they were eating the paper afterwards because they loved them sooo much. With their bellies full and the wind in their ears, next stop was the bark park. It was cloudy, breezy, and perfect weather for a day at the park. The boys made LOTS of new friends and ran until their legs were about to fall off. Afterwards when we got back home, they crashed on the couch for the next four hours from exhaustion. Man, what a life. I think I WANT TO BE A DOG!

Loaded in the car and super duper excited to be going for a ride!

Munching down their breakfast burritos....

I have to say that we definately have CUTE KIDS.

Making new friends...................................and cruising the park with Dad



Really, pants in 80 degree weather? What is Ryan thinking?!?! Shorts should be a requirement this time of the year 24/7.
Looks like fun at the park for the 'kids'. We have 3 you can take to the park and let run around too if you'd like :)


Frankies mom & dad say thanks for Frankie cuz he can only talk in dog words, he said it wa soo much fun and he loves to go with Joey and Jack to the Bark Park!!!!