Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Guess what..... I'm BACK!

I know its been months since my last posting so I'll try to keep this short. We have had some good times, some bad times, and some trying times in the past few months. Our lives where turned upside again in May when Ryan was forced to change jobs yet again. In 3 years, this is the third lay off that we have went through. In this economy its so tough to keep your hopes up but its also so important that we exercise our faith and persevere. We are so thankful for all that we DO have and for our friends and family and everything that they do for us. With that being said, here are some of the highlights of the past few months.

In May, June and July:

  • We watched as our good friends the Salisburys blessed their new baby girl Bailey
  • My cousin Carlee came to visit from Cali (Miss you girl)
  • Gained a few pounds (boo)
  • Jeff & Laura Shaw came to visit us for a few days from Cali
  • We sold Ryan's truck so we could pay cash for a 1994 subaru legacy wagon (jealous?)
  • Ryan switched jobs and is now working for Direct Alliance
  • Shed some tears when our good friends Eric & Tory Salisbury moved to Utah
  • Lost a few pounds (yay)
  • We went to several pool parties (sunblock anyone?)
  • Ryan's sister ShaRae and her husband Jason came to visit (In July, really?)
  • Our friend Matt Johnson got married (shocker)
  • Eric & Tory came to visit us because they missed us so much (ha ha)
  • We took our nephew Max on our ward campout (rent a kid)

So even though these few months have been trying... we made it through. We had lots of company come to visit us which helped keep our spirits up. So anyone is more than welcome to visit us at anytime... we LOVE company. Come on down!!!


Eric & Bailey Salisbury I love this picture! (Eric, Tory, & baby Bailey)

My cousins Peyton & Carlee (my first cousins)

Jeff & Laura came to visit us. Laura.. love the bedhead

Ryan's truck before we sold it. (He was sad)

The Salisbury clan.......... we miss you guys. Can't wait to see you next week!

A bunch of our friend's kids at a pool party

Jason & ShaRae McShane.... thanks for coming to visit us. You are invited back anytime, we had so much fun while you were here!

Congratulation Matt & Cindy........... you are an ADORABLE couple.

Max enjoyed some good ol' fashioned games on our campout. Um dude... I don't think that's his back your grabbing. ha ha


Hansen Family

So glad you updated! I've been waiting to see what you have been up to lately. Glad you are doing okay...

Az Salisbury's

Haha Oh Amber how I love you! My Aunt will also be excited you updated your blog.. she doesnt know you but she says you have the cutest blog she's ever seen... Cant wait to see you too!!


Welcome back Amber!


Okay, you may want to rephrase the "visit us at anytime". Please rephrase to "...except in July". It is way too hot in July for the rest of us. Don't know why that seems to be the only month our family comes to visit. Sounds like it's been a fun, busy summer.