Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy New Years

Why do I always feel like I'm playing catch up when it comes to my blog. Life moves so fast that "poof" a week is gone by and I'm finally finding the time to tell you about our New Years.

I have several blogger friends, some of which are family members that I have never met. I was so excited last week when Ryan's cousin Heather called us and said that they were in town. I've followed Heather's blog for a couple of years and we have emailed back and forth but have never actually met. I'm so glad they had a chance to come to our home and they are welcome back anytime.

Trevor, Heather, & Jakoby Hess, The Howards
On New Years Eve I was sick AGAIN!!! I am beginning to think that me and New Years just don't get along. This is the second new years in the last three years where I have been sick and in bed. Because I was sick we kept it low key and just hung out at our friends Dennis and Jenny's house. Earlier in the day, my friend Naomi picked me up to get me off the couch and we went to Jenny's early to make lots and LOTS of sushi. BTW....I am a MASTER sushi roller, who would have known? After a quick shower at home to clean up, Ryan and I headed back to the party to enjoy the big FEAST I had helped prepare.

Naomi, our MASTER sushi chef

A Whole Lot of Yummy

Bambi, Jenny, Me, Naomi
We were so glad the military let Jenny come home on leave for the holidays. See you in March girlie!!


we rocked it girlie you are a master roller!