Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Seeing Double

Have you ever shown up to work to find yourself matching a co-worker??? I HAVE!!! Yesterday I wore my favorite hooded sweatshirt to work because it was rainy and cold outside. My sweater is easily 4 years old but it is STILL my favorite. To my surprise, a co-worker of mine Krystal also has this sweater and it is her favorite as well. Here we are looking like twins.
As if that wasn't strange enough....... after work I ran to Sam's Club to do some last minute Christmas shopping. To my surprise, I ran into another girl wearing the SAME sweatshirt. She TOO said it was her favorite sweatshirt and has had it for years. I guess when you love something you should hold onto it. I should write to the designers at O'Neill and thank them for making such a cute sweatshirt that has lasted throught the years and is a favorite to so many.
This girl probably thought I was crazy when I asked to get my picture with her.



That is soooo weird and soooo hilarious! Cute sweatshirt :)

Jon and Lara Stowell

This is too good. I'm so glad you posted that. HAHA! It IS really cute!

Jon and Lara Stowell

Oh and P.S. I was just reading older posts and that "nameless groom" is Jeff Rundio. HAHA! I totally know him. Met him when I went to NAU and he dated my cousin for a bit. Small freakin world.