Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Whole Months Worth!!!!!

We are ALIVE!!!! Okay so a busy month means no time to post on my blog but I'll catch you up to speed on us. The past month has just flown by and I can't believe its November which means its almost christmas... YIKES! We've been so busy I don't even know where to start... how about I start at the beginning of October where we left off and go from there.



Ryan & I celebrated our 2 year anniversary on October 5th. We both took the day off and went to lunch, walked around costco, and pretty much just chilled the rest of the day. Wow... 2 years has just flown by. Happy Anniversary Honey!

This year we went to the opening night of the Arizona State Fair... we didn't ride any rides but we ate some yummy fair food and saw all the 4H animals. Jeff & Laura came with us.. I think this was our last double date with them since Laura has already moved to Cali. (sniff, sniff)

The 'ol gang had dinner at Brent & Lexi's house. It was so great to see Matt & Christie while they were in town too... you guys need to move back cuz we miss you.

(Lexi, Brent, Amber, Ryan, Eric, Tory, Megan, Seth, Christie, Matt)


Happy Birthday to my niece Bryn who turned 3 on October 16th. She got to go to Disneyland on her birthday... lucky girl!

Happy Birthday to my brother Josh. We had a joint birthday party for him and Bryn.

FINALLY we are seeing cooler weather which means HIKING!!!! We were soooo excited to hit the trails again and enjoy nature. This time of year reminds us why we love living in Arizona. We have several great hiking trails within 30 minutes of our home so we can't wait to spend the next few months exploring even more new trails.

With cooler weather we also get to enjoy our evening walks at the Riparian again. We love walking around the lakes as the sun goes down and I've missed it over the summer months.

It wouldn't be October without pumpkin carving witht the family. We used templates this year and I think they came out great. Its hard to tell in the picture so you'll just have to trust me.


For halloween this year I was little Red Riding Hood and Ryan was the big bad werewolf. Jack was a hotdog because he is a "hot" dog. We went to both of our work parties on friday night and then stayed at home to pass out candy on halloween night.

At work we had a great party which included a "haunted hallway" to scare the kids. We had a great turnout and so much work went into putting it together that I'm actually glad its over. I'll post pics of the hallways when I get them.

(Me, Summer, Cindy)

Baby Lu was an adorable cousin Payton makes the cutest princess!



Love the Halloween costumes! Very creative!
Your lil niece looks so much like you :)

Zach and Carrie

Wow! Looks busy. Tell Ryan happy birthday from our family too. Hopefully we'll get a call in to him sometime today.


I've missed hearing about you the last month! You & Ryan will have to come out here and visit Jeff & Laura (and Laura's mom!).

Jon and Lara Stowell

Dang. You are one hott little red riding hood!!!