Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Ryan!


Last thursday was Ryans birthday and on his actually birthday just the two of us went to dinner and did a little shopping. On Saturday night we had a couples party at our house and I have to say it was a BLAST!!!! Thanks to all of our friends that came, we had so much fun we are already planning another party for around christmas time. So get your white elephant gifts ready everyone!!!

Ryan was soooo excited cuz he got LOTS of wii games for his birthday. He has been fishing all weekend on the wii.

At the party we played the NEWLYWED GAME because all the couples including us have been married less than 3 years. It was HILARIOUS watching the bickering that was going on in the room. Ryan and I were the hosts and it was so much FUN! For playing the game, everyone got lei'd when it was over. (Ha ha) Thanks for participating everyone!

Eric & Tory Salisbury..........................................Seth & Megan Miller

Lisa & Kyle Hargrave....................................................Jon & Lara Stowell

Grant & Krystal Smith.............................................Brent & Lexi McDowell

Us (The Hosts)

newlywed group
The Whole Group
We also played a few other games and Megan won two of them... way to go girl. And Tory & Eric proved that they are handy with oven mitts.

We played reverse limbo or the cereal box game as I like to call it. I was SUPER impressed with how flexible this group was. The object of the game is to pick up the cereal box without using your hands and only your feet can be touching the floor. After each round the box is cut so it is shorter. We got all the way down to just the bottom of the box by the end and Krystal and Grant were the winning couple. I have to say that the BEST award goes to Tory who made it all the way to the end and she's SEVEN months pregnant. Props go out to you Tory.

Kyle and Lisa both had good techniques.

Krystal and Tory used the same technique til the end.

Our flexible winners!!!!

Eric was hilarious doing this. I videod him everytime but dummy me had the camera sideways so here is one of the best videos but you'll have to tilt your head to watch it cuz I'm retarded!!



You are so great at always getting so many pictures.
It looks like it was a successful birthday! Happy Birthday Ryan.

ps. by the way I have a new blog, was having an issue with the old

Jon and Lara Stowell

I wish we could've stayed longer. That was SO much fun. Hope we can do it again.