Friday, December 5, 2008

I'm Back!

After taking an extended leave from the blogging world, I'm finally back. The past couple of weeks have been pretty busy so I'll catch you up to speed.

Jack loves this time of year because it is GORGEOUS outside and he gets to go on lots of walks. This is a picture we took of ourselves a couple of weeks ago on one of our many adventures.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! We celebrated Laura's (one of my BFF's) birthday old school style at Red Robin with the gang. There were fries galore and lets not forget the scrumptious three layer cake I made her.... yummm! Happy Birthday girlfriend... I love ya!
(Sorry Ryan but my big fat head is covering you in the group photo)

We had a small thanksgiving this year at Ben and Rachelle's house. We ate dinner outside and had things cleaned up just in time before the rain hit. The rest of the weekend we finished putting lights on the house and decorated the christmas tree. I love Christmas time and I love all the holiday decorations. It brings such a warmth to our house that I absolutely love.

These kids crack me up. Max's shirt says it all. I'm not really sure if that kid really does have an OFF button.


After much anticipation and waiting I finally got to see the Twilight movie. A group of us went on Saturday morning of opening weekend and stood out in the cold and waited anxiously along with hundreds of others to get a glimpse into the world we have all come to know and love. I have to admit that I was disappointed with a few things about the movie but overall who wouldn't fall in love with handsome Edward. For the event I made a few of us Twilight t-shirts to wear. I'm definately looking forward to New Moon.

My friend Jenny is getting ready to go in the Army so we decided to throw a surprise slumber party for her before she left. We went to Nando's and had tons and I mean tons of yummy Mexican food and then we hit up Walmart for a few hours before going back to my house for a movie, late night chatting, and more. We will miss you Jenny, hurry home safe!

Bambi & Jenny and Naomi & Me

I also got a new neice yesterday 12/4.... Lu Elle Gibson.
I can't wait to see her today. Congrats Ben & Chelle


Lara and Jon

It's about time girlfriend! I love Christmas decor also. It just feels so cozy!!! I have been SOOO excited about putting up our first tree this year but then recently decided it would be a bad idea with Ryder crawling everywhere and pulling himself up on things. It just won't be worth it to me to have to constantly pull him away from it. No excuses next year though. I'm definitely putting up the tree.


Looks like you had fun at twilight I want to get a shirt like that!! K so did you say they are coming out with the next book as a movie??! Yay I hope so!