Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Party.. Party.. Party!

Party, party, party describes our weekend. On friday night we had a few people over to celebrate Ryan's birthday. I made a few homemade goodies and it was actually cold enough for us to sit outside around a bonfire and enjoy the cooler weather.

The smorgasbord of goodies!

Here's a snapshot of a few people that came over. Thanks guys, we love you!

On Saturday night we had a ward adult party at Usery Pass Park. It was a ho-down complete with hamburgers, baked beans, and a bonfire. We love our ward so much and were sad that more people didn't make it out to the party.

My good friend Jeanette. This girl is a HUGE inspiration to me. She has lost over 70 pounds since February and she looks AMAZING! You look fab girlfriend!

Thanks to Chris Malone we had songs around the campfire. Thanks for sharing your
talent with us Chris.

These next photos serve as a warning. Don't go to the store on Sunday or you will get stuck in a shopping cart. ha ha My friend Laura had a few of us over for dinner on Sunday night and afterwards we thought it would be good to watch a movie. And what goes better with a movie than some of my favorite caramel korn. Well since Laura didn't have the ingredients we thought we could sneak to the grocery store and get them. Being the goof that I am, I wanted to ride in the shopping cart... but not just the cart but the cart with the car. Now, if you are over the age of two... DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS. I quickly got stuck and about wet my pants trying to get out of it. It made for a good laugh and of course while I was trapped, Laura took my picture. All I can say is... DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

At this point, I was ready to call the fire department to get me out!



Laughing hard, laughing loud, still laughing, more laughing, ok that was funny!


oh what craziness we create for ourselves...thanks for sharing that moment:)!!!

The Howards

I do have to say, I love the party picture with all the parents holding kids. Especially Ryan. Looks like a fun birthday party. And sadly, I too have tried the shopping cart trick. I was screaming for the "Jaws of Life" to come rescue me out of there.


Looks like a wonderful party. You are so a Mrs Jr Martha Stewart!
The pictures of the shopping card are hilarious, I can't believe someone had a camera with them usually these moments go unphotographed!

Shelley Goodman

Hello Betty Crocker...and gumbi. I don't think I could of fit into that little car even if I wanted too. You must be flexible. Happy birthday to Ryan!


Looks like you had too much fun! We were sad to not be able to make it to the ward party. Maybe next year! Girl! You're too crazy to try that shopping cart! Glad you got out ok.


Wow you had a bunch of posts I havent even seen yet! I am a slacker haha Well happy bday Ryan! I feel bad I didnt even know when you guys are so nice to come to Megs party! That was a blast by the way and you guys are the BEST! You were such a big help I LOVED the cake it was so cute! I am glad you came! I love that you tried to get into the car cart I always want to ride in those! haha that rocks. I am bummed we didnt get to make it to the ward bonfire it looks like you had fun! So many partys for you how exciting, I gotta live vicariously through you it looks like you always have something fun to do!:)