Thursday, October 23, 2008

Our new favorite place!

Since the weather has cooled down, we have been looking for things to do outdoors that are fun and most importantly CHEAP! One of the things we love to do is ride our bikes along the canal. It was on one of these rides that we stumbled across the Riparian Institute and it quickly became a fav. It is a 110 acre preserve filled with lakes and tons of wildlife. The first time we went we rode our bikes around (which I highly recommend) and we have also walked around the lakes and trails. Things to do while your there: Go fishing, bird watch, feed the ducks, go to the observatory, and hike around the trails. Its also a good idea to pack a lunch and make a picnic out of it. The best part about the park is that it is FREE!! We went around 5:15pm and walked around the lake during sunset... great date idea and did I mention its FREE!! The second best part about the riparian institute is that it is located behind the public library at Greenfield & Guadalupe. With that being said, I give it a BIG two thumbs up and hopefully I will see you there!

Even Jack loves to go!

Gorgeous view at sunset


The Smiths

Aren't you SO glad it's FINALLY cooling down?! Every year at this time I end up thinking, why do we live here?? The the temp drops and, "Aaaw, this is why..." :) You guys look great by the way-- hope all is well!

Nichols Family

Oh yeah, I realize I've been there without even knowing the park even had a name. By the library, yeah. You two are a handsome couple, cute doggie too :).