Thursday, October 23, 2008

Domestic Goddess Wannabe

I've been making christmas presents this week so that has gotten me into a domestic mood. My friend Bambi's daughter is turning 4 this weekend, so for her birthday I thought I would continue my domestic week and make her some presents. The first thing I made was an adorable tutu which doesn't photograph well on its own and the second thing I made was her birthday cake. I'm so excited for her cake because its all pink, inside and out and everything on it is edible... even the decorations. Its a strawberry cake with pink cream cheese frosting, a present fit for a princess!!



Wow, the tutu and cake look so good! I'm sure that she'll love both! :)

brooke martin

What???? You are SUCH a domestic diva I am FREAKING OUT at how cute the cake turned out. Seriously...WILL YOU TEACH ME?! Why don't you start a cake side business??! I'D PAY YOU A PRETTY PENNY!! Seriously let's have a cake baking day! :) haha. Also...your skirt- that ribbon turned out soooo cute. I'll have to go today to get some for the one I'm giving away as a gift. Seriously...that just made it so dang cute and added so much. /What a little miss creative thang you are. Thanks for sharing...
ps- any leg infections??


so cute! What a wonderful gift something definitely from the heart!


tell the truth...Ryan was the model for the tutu!!

Lara and Jon

Oh my! I wanna eat that cake. Now!


Who knew that you were so talented? How fun! Your kids will be so spoiled! Love both of the cake and the tutu!


That tutu is darling! You need to post a picture of her wearing it!

Nichols Family

Soooo cute Amber. A tutu? Wow. Stop it. You're making me look like a major domestic flop.

Shelley Goodman

Yummy and so cute! I don't have the patients to make cute cakes. Love the craftyness that's in you. BTW, I love that park you posted below too.


ok you totally have to help me make megs cake!! i tried making one for her as an experiment and it was a mess! haha those are soooo cute I love the tutu too!:)


OK, so you are beautiful & talented. Some people get it all!


Yeah, Im with Jennie...can you stop now before I look like world's worst domestic mom? Your awesome. Im coming in Dec we should get together with Heather and my sis.