Monday, August 17, 2009

The Happiest People

In today's economy so many of us are going through tough times and struggling with making ends meet. It's easy to get depressed and be down thinking of all the things you are missing out on or going without. It could be luxuries like vacations, cable, eating out at restaurants, shopping, new toys, etc... Why is it when we are down we look at all the things we DON'T have instead of looking at the things that we DO HAVE??? For instance: life, love, friends, family, youth, health, and the love of our Heavenly Father. I am rich in those areas, don't those things count for more than material wealth??? I say YES they do. Money can come and go but you can't take away the love of my family and friends EVER. Yesterday in church I heard a great quote that I want to share.

"The happiest people are NOT those that have the best of everything, they are those that MAKE the BEST of what they have."

I really want to choose to be happy EVERY day and make the most of everything that I have been given. What will you choose?



You are so right! Thanks for putting it all in perspective.

Dave & Susie Crandell

I love that quote! Another favorite of mine is: "The Important Things in Life Aren't Things"


Love this post, and really its so true. I think people lose sight of what really matters in the world when they get caught up to much in the "money world".
Thanks for that post it put a smile on my face! :)


Hey Amber! YOu are so sweet I love that quote I am sad I missed that at church! I miss hanging with ya in primary, we gota get together, I may have to steal that quote and put it on my blog too if you dont care!:) Your blog is so fun i gota stay caught up in bloggin I am the worst! LOL