Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Game of the Year!

If you are like us and you love board games... TICKET TO RIDE is the game for you! We received this game for christmas and we have seriously played it at least once a week since. I am not even joking. Every Sunday or Monday night we get together with my parents JUST to play this game. Its that addicting. And we NEVER play just one game a night, its usually two or three. I would say that we have definately got our money out of this game thirty times over.
The game is for adults only and can be played with 2-5 players. The object of the game is to use all of your train cars and complete multiple destinations. Its a strategy game and it can get very intense. There have been many nights when we are cussing at each other because someone blocked someone else and they had to be rerouted. Its a TEN as far as games go. If your interested in playing it before purchasing this wonderful game, we'd be happy to have you over to play. The game is a little pricey $40-55 and can be purchased at a game store or online at amazon. We recommend it and think its worth the money. It also makes a great gift. Thank you to the McMinn family who gave it to us!

This is the board and cards for the game!



Yes I agree with Amber it is addictive and she didn't tell you she wins most of the time. Occasionally someone else wins rarely though. It is fun. Thanks Ry & Amber for all the HOURS of fun.

Turley fam

Heck yes we want to play. When is game night?


that looks fun...thanks for the recommendation my family loves to play games!


We second that! However, we have the Ticket to Ride, Europe edition, as well as the Merklin one (which is brand new and WAY trickier!) and love playing them with friends. I have to say that even our kids play with us! They actually picked it up and only our 5 year old needs some help. Ryan and Brooke do just fine! Next time you visit (?) let's play!