Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Days before the wedding...

This past weekend we went to Northern California for Jeff and Laura's wedding. I have tons of pictures from the entire weekend so here is the first of many. (For those of you that are in the photos... feel free to click on the photo and save them for your own use. Make sure you click on them first and enlarge them before saving them for best results.) We had so much fun with the Shaw, Brandon, and Thompson families. We were sad for the weekend to come to an end. Everyone is invited to visit us anytime, we always have room for you. Hopefully we will stay in touch.
On Wednesday, I rode over with Jeff and Laura to Cali. We made a pit stop at the Palm Springs outlet on the way over for a few hours.

We look pretty tore up from riding in the car for 14 hours.

Thursday I ran around Lodi with Laura's mom Sheryl getting stuff for the reception. We met up with Laura's childhood friend Kelly for lunch.

Thursday evening I rode up to Sacramento with Jeff, Laura, and Jeff's brother David. We met up with the parents in Old Sacramento for some shopping and dinner.

We ate dinner on the patio at Joe's crab shack right on the water.


Friday morning Laura and all her girlfriends that were there for the wedding met up for a much needed mani/pedi.

(Me & Kelly)
On friday evening we had the rehearsal dinner outside at Laura's grandmothers house. The weather was gorgeous and the company was fabulous. Several of us shared our thoughts and stories about the couple and it was great to hear how much they are loved by everyone.

(Laura & her brother Steven....................................(Leah, Laura, Bre, Cindy)

(Heather & Steve Laura's bro).....................................(Me & Laura)
(Laura and the moms)
We had a bachelorette party on friday night right after the dinner. Thanks to Shelli, Heather and Becky for all your hard work.

(Kelly, Laura, Me)......................................................(Laura, Amy)



That is a lot of pics...I am sure you must have hundreds more..haha! Looks like a busy busy must be exhausted!


how fun!! i absolutely love weddings!! looks like you had fun, and was that a salt water taffy shop i saw?! you look awesome by the way!!

Reena Bostock

What great pictures! Looks like you had a good time.


I loved looking at all of your pics from last weekend. It was so nice meeting you and Ryan. Brian and I hope to keep in touch with such a fun couple as you two are. Take care! Email me when you get a chance!


Amber, I love your picture that you have at the top of your page from last weekend. You look beautiful!