Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Weekend with the Couturiers

My niece Bryn was over last thursday spending some quality time with Aunt Amber. We cut her bangs, did her hair and then of course she loves to raid my closet and try on my high heels. These were her favorite. And who wouldn't love Red High Heels?
We spent the weekend chilling at our friends Dustin and Bambi's house. Friday night we had a spaghetti dinner followed by brownies. The girls just gabbed while the boys watched the Diamondbacks game.
My hubby is so cute!

I LOVE these girls. Bambi (above) and Naomi (below).
Its good to have friends that have been with you through thick and thin.

On Saturday morning the girls met up to get a pedicure and relax. Afterwards we went to Goodwill half off day and found all sorts of bargains.
All of our cute toes after the pedicure
P.S. I made us all the cute flip flops
Saturday night we hung out at Dustin and Bambi's house AGAIN! Their son Eli turned 8 so we had a birthday party for him. I CAN'T believe he is already 8. I remember going to Bambi's house and taking pictures of her belly right before she drove to the hospital to have him. It seems like only yesterday. Wow, time flies and I'm getting old.
Happy Birthday ELI!!

Thankfully there was another Diamondbacks game on tv Saturday night to keep the guys busy. They also got in the baseball mood and played catch outside for a little bit.

Me and my girl Alyssa showing off our new short do's. We are both loving them.

This picture cracks me up. Eli got some funny teeth for his Birthday. What a great family photo. We just need to photoshop Alyssa in there.

Did I mention I love these girls!

Naomi, Me, Bambi
Bambi... is it me or do you have like 50 times more hair than I do?



great pictures as always. I love the picture of you and Bambi's daughter!

Shelley Goodman

Still loving that cute hairdo on you! You are always so nice to play and spend time with everyones kids. Oh and guess what, I am your new visiting teacher! whoohoo