Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Week in the life of a Dog!

We have been dog sitting three dogs this week for our friends Luke and Naomi. If your good at math that made FOUR dogs at our house all week. For the first few days I felt like we had a newborn baby in the house. They would wake up every few hours making noise, or making messes. haha Thankfully after a few days, they were enjoying themselves and we made it through the week. Some of the things they enjoyed at the Howard home was a bath, LOTS of car rides, visits to Grandma's house, and they learned how to use the doggie door so they could go outside on their own. I'm sure they were glad to go home and see their family last night.

Lucy getting a bath...........................................Breezy, Belle, and Lucy enjoying their car ride

This is Lucifer in time out. (lol)..............All three little ones chillin on the couch
Jack enjoyed having his little friends come and stay but he is soooo glad to have his mom and dad back to himself.


Dave & Susie Crandell

Oh cute, cute, cute! I'm a fellow dog lover!


So much to catch up on here!
wow- 4 you did it i don't even know. that would never be on my list of accomplishments! I'D FAIL.
those flip flops down below are to die for. i have a cousin that makes them and just think they're the cutest things ever.
you are one fun busy go getter!!

Reena Bostock

I'm so not a dog lover, but they are sure cute!!!

The Evans Family

Okay so I love my babies and I wish I had a time out area like that when I was younger lol!! I'm sure lucy felt like he was in sooo much trouble. Thanks again for taking care of my brats!