Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A night on the town!

Every week we sit around wondering what fun new thing we can do over the weekend. Phoenix recently opened its mass transit transportation, the light rail, which I've been dying to ride it but haven't found the time and/or use for it yet. It was the first friday of the month which meant that it would be the "First Friday Art Walk" in downtown Phoenix. A light bulb went off in my head and I thought.... why not combine the two? We invited our friends Laura and Jeff and it was a go. We drove to the Mesa park and ride our tickets.. found seats.. and headed off to Phoenix on the train. We were lucky cuz the train soon got busy after a few stops and seats were pretty scarce. We got off right across from the Suns stadium. There was a game about to start so there was tons of traffic on the streets. We slipped into a great little pizza place across from the stadium for dinner. We got a HUGE slice of pizza, a salad, and a drink all for $5.50. Thats my kind of place. After we had stuffed ourselves we walked over to the art walk. The "Art Walk" is local artists that display their art in small little galleries and there are also booths set up along the streets selling stuff. You never know what kind of craziness you will see. One of my favorites was a group playing the bagpipes. After we walked around the art walk we got back on the train and headed home. It was so busy on the light rail going home that we had to stand for most of the ride. It was still fun and tickets only cost us $2.50 each which was cheaper than the $10 it would have cost to park downtown. I give it a two thumbs up! Snuggling on the light rail
Getting our "tickets to ride"

Jeff and Laura at dinner
Ryan and I at dinner

The bagpipe players

Waiting at the Central Station for our ride home. Good thing there was people from the Suns game handing out FREE Redbulls

I took this picture of the Metro Station in Phoenix while we were waiting for the train. I thought it was pretty cool.

It wouldn't be a weekend without a hike. This week we convinced our friends Dustin and Bambi to come along with us. We did the Pass Mountain Trail again and I still love it. Thanks for coming with us, when we going again?

Me and Bambi at the top.. It was really windy.



I cannot believe you found my blog! I am so excited!!! I have been thinking of you lately and wondering if you were still in AZ. My e-mail is E-mail me your contact info., so I can get in touch with you. You look great!!! So happy! Your husband is a cutie too! I am still dying that I get to be back in touch with you!!! Holly


We haven't had to a chance to checkout the light-rail yet...looks and sounds like you guys had a great night! I love the black and white picture, looks like something you could buy at potterybarn or z gallerie! :)

Brooke and Brett Martin

You are always up to something fun and big adventures...i think that's why you're my friend!! :)
You are lookin skinny mini girl.
LOoks like a fun night into town!!
Yes, a group date night sounds FUN!!