Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A LONG Post!

Its been a month and I have to apologize for not keeping up on my blogging. We've been busy which is no excuse so here's a recap.

We are soooo in LOVE with hiking lately. We have went hiking the last three weekends in a row. The weather is perfect and the scenery this time of year is so gorgeous. Jack joined us this week and he kept us at a fast steady pace. He had to keep turning back to make sure we were still behind him.

This was on the Pass Mountain Trail at Usery Pass. There was a great view of the Superstition Mountains from the south side of the mountain. I can't wait to do this trail again.

This was at the point called "Saddle" on the Pass Mountain Trail. You could see Four Peaks and Fountain Hills. it!

We hiked the Windcave's Trail at Usery Pass with our friends the Adams a few weeks ago. The trail is very moderate and you don't realize how high you've climbed until you get to the top. If your a beginning hiker, this is a GREAT trail to try. It only takes roughly 50 minutes to make it to the Windcaves and its a nice spot to stop and rest. I had so much fun that my friend Darcie and I did it again two days later.

Papago Park.... Just another place we hiked. You enter the park by the zoo and there are three different mountains you can climb. We did all three and it only took us a couple of hours. We have also been running lots during the week so this was a fun place to get in a little extra running too.

On Superbowl Sunday Ben and Rachelle blessed sweet Baby Lu. She wasn't cooperative when I tried to get a picture of her but she is still so cute.

Happy Birthday MOM!!!!! We had the family over to our house last week for my mom's birthday. The highlight of the evening was watching everyone take their turn at Guitar Hero

Like Father like Son....
My Aunt Paula's little girl Payton loved it when my mom gave her her first taste of katsup. She was so addicted. I love this picture cuz I love the smile on Paula's face.

I LOVE COSTCO!! Does anyone else find themselves walking around Costco aimlessly and trying out the furniture. This couch was so comfortable that Laura and I had to stall our shopping for a bit so we could enjoy its splendor.


Brooke and Brett Martin

I really REALLY love those scenic pictures. It makes me remember that there's beauty in our desserty mountains we live in. I'm such a girl who loves driving into Utah- but we are so lucky to live here too!
You have been busy. Always up to something fun!


great pictures, that is great you guys are hiking so much..I can't do it..Im a woosey hiker. And yes Costco is one of those place you just get lost in!


Hey Ryan and Amber--I went private again with my blog, and I'm not sure I have you on my list to view. If you're interested, let me know: Thanks,


Good to see that you guys are alive and well. Good for you on the hiking and for taking advantage of this great weather we are having.