Monday, December 8, 2008

Too funny not to share!

As most of you know I've been trying to lose weight all year long. I slacked off for a few months so now I am back to being strict to get those last few pounds off before the year comes to a close. Needless to say, weight is on my mind a lot these days. Last night I had just dozed off to sleep and I was dreaming that I was slowing walking to the scale... a task I dread. I have a digital scale so you have to wait a minute for it to configure before your weight pops up. So here I am in my dream, stepping on the scale waiting for the number I know I'm going to hate pop up..... anticipation is mounting, the sweat is beginning to form.... here comes the number and..... A LOUD almost deafening alarm goes off instead of a number. What does that mean? I'm so heavy I broke the scale? Is it a FAT warning? Does the scale just beep at you loudly now when you are overweight instead of telling you a number. In my sleepy haze I realize the alarm is going off to wake us up. Boy, what timing. Made me wonder though... what if there was a scale that did this? You program in what you are suppose to weigh and if your not within that amount a loud alarm rings notifying everyone. I think I would pass on weighing myself if that was the case.


Baby Oven

I think that if scales made noise mine would never be allowed out of the closet! There are just too many cheat days in my life to let others know about it. :) But girl, you look FABULOUS!! We really was to see you at Christmas when we're in town. We'll figure something out!
Christie Parrish


Kind of reminds of the beeping sound when heavy machinery start backing up - how about that for a scale!!

Dave & Susie Crandell

You look great! I know it's not easy to lose weight the old fashion way! Way to go!!!!!


Th epicture of you guys in the corner is beautiful! You guys make a real handsome couple.