Monday, November 3, 2008

Your never to old....

For Halloween....
For Halloween I met Ryan at his work for a party. He and his whole team where scary clowns and I was dressed up as white trash. Afterwards we did a little shopping and by the time we got home we had no candy for trick or treaters so we snuck in the house making sure to not turn on the lights so no one would know we were home. Terrible I know but we did have a good reason for not wanting to pass out candy at our house. Last year we sat in front of our house and passed out candy and about 80% of the people that came around were moms pushing babies in strollers. I am not talking about toddlers either... I am talking about babies!!! It made us so mad cuz you know the candy was going to the MOMS. Not only that but none of them spoke english and it just ruined the holiday for us. So this year we just avoided the situation. I know, I know... we are horrible!
Or Board Games!!!!
On Saturday night a group of us gathered at Luke and Naomi's house for game night. And I'm not talking about wii or Rock Band but good ol' fashioned games like we use to play. First up was sequence, followed by scattegories and finally apples to apples. I love how serious everyone is and how hard they are concentrating. We had sooo much fun. What games are next on the list?? I think I heard someone say Twister!!!

This picture was taken at 1am when we were leaving and we were so tired and giddy that it took us about 10 tries before we got one that was decent. I should put the reject pictures up cuz they are hilarious!! I won't be that mean to Naomi and Bambi though.


Lara and Jon

That is too funny we DO have too much in common it's scary. I am taking Jon out to a late dinner tomorrow night because he doesn't get off work until about 7:30. But we should do a dessert for sure some night this week. Happy Birthday to Ryan on Wednesday!


Love the halloween pictures! Great costumes, you'll have to check ours out. We love board games if you ever need some extra players.

Shelley Goodman

Wow I am behind on your blog. You guys look cute all dressed up! I think Halloween is for all ages no exception! Only you don't look WT at all, you look cute!


I would just like to know why Dirty Minds wasn't all seem like the type...and that's why I like ya. :-)


Nice costumes! We have a lot of those kinds of trick or treaters come by our house too! We've even had whole groups of adults with one baby in a stroller! And their grandma had a bag full of candy for herself too. When those groups who bus in our neighborhood come through I just give them each a single small piece of candy and with my teeth gritted I say a forced "Happy Halloween". Some day I will have the gumption to say no to them and say I only give candy out to the kids. They probably wouldn't understand my English though anyway. Why do some people have to ruin a perfectly good holiday? Sheesh! Game night is fun!