Monday, July 21, 2008

Howard Family Reunion

Our trip to Idaho was VERY adventurous. We started our journey on Thursday afternoon at 3pm. We had the car loaded and we were excited to be on the road before heavy traffic. We had it all planned out... 14 hours... and we would be there! We got as far as Black Canyon City before we started seeing DETOUR signs. NOT GOOD!!! We were routed off of the I-17 into Black Canyon City where we were bumper to bumper with all the other cars that had been taken off the freeway. We inched our way a couple of miles before coming to a complete STOP. The clock now read 4:45 and we were barely out of Phoenix! We made several calls and found out that a semi had jack-knifed on the freeway a couple of miles ahead of us. Oh GREAT! Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse... it started to rain. Which means we were stuck IN THE CAR which was getting hotter and humid by the minute. (We didn't want to waste all our gas by having the car running.) The time ticked by slowly and before you know it... it was 7PM. Yep... you heard me! Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. I threw the car in drive, pulled out, drove on the wrong side of the road to the freeway entrance and headed south bond on the freeway back towards Phoenix. 4 hours into the trip and we were headed back in the SAME direction we came from. You can believe I was cussing ADOT the whole way. After driving 30 minutes in the WRONG direction.... we decided it was probably best to just change our trip and find a different way to get to Idaho. We decided that we would go through Vegas and hit the 15 from there. Needless to say... it took us 22 hours to get to Idaho and we were zombies by the time we stepped out of the car. Thankfully the trip got better from there and we had a great time with the Howards. Saturday we enjoyed Taryn's baptism and Kali's softball game, and Sunday we all went to church for Jaret's blessing. Monday we hit up Lava Hot Springs where I think we ALL got a sunburn. We had so much FUN and we were sad to leave everyone. Thanks Zach and Carrie for letting us crash at your house... your invited to stay with us ANYTIME! I look forward to next year... and trust me, we will be FLYING!!!!!!

Stuck in the car. Don't we look excited!
Taryn's baptism. Congrats girlie!
Grandpa & Baby Jaret
Grandma & Grandpa Howard
The Maughan Family (Michelle's family)
The McMinn Family (Janelle's Family)
The Hansen Family (Shawna's Family)
The Gorgeous Howard Family... ha ha
The Howard Family (Zach's Family)
The McShane Family (ShaRae's Family)
Ryan & his parents and siblings
Taryn & Friend
Grandkids at Rexburg Temple

Who doesn't LOVE waterslides!


Lara and Jon never told me the details. That freakin blows! Sorry you had to go through that.


I miss that whole family! We need a BIG Howard family reunion sometime soon.

p.s. your pictures are gorgeous!

Tiffany Fackrell

I can't believe you guys were in rexburg and didn't tell us, we live just down the road from the temple, we could have come and said hi! Bummer!


Man I hate traffic and that is a long drive! Sorry about that I hope the rest of your trip made it so much better! Looks like you had fun!