Monday, June 23, 2008

Good Times

CAMPING!!! We went camping this weekend which is Jack's very favorite thing to do! We had so much fun and Jack LOVED the creek.

Last TNDC (Tuesday Night Dinner Club). For the past 2 years a group of us having been meeting for dinner on Tuesday nights. We haven't done it in awhile and since Caleb is moving to Utah, we had one last TNDC last week. Thanks for the memories guys! Its been fun!

For Father's Day we took my dad to Speedway which is an indoor go-cart raceway. The boys (Dad & Ryan) placed 4th and 5th in their race. Me and Mom cheered from the sidelines. The funny part was that they were beat by a GIRL. ha ha After the race we went to Spaghetti Factory for dinner.... yummy!


Lara and Jon

In that picture of you and Ryan at a both look sooo skinny! It's crazy! I looked at your header at older pics of you guys and it is just so obvious y'all are shrinking! Why didn't YOU race at Speedway?? It's so much fun.

Shelley Goodman

That waterfall looks so refreshing! Camping is a blast.

The Howards

That comment yesterday from me came out way wrong. Not the words I was trying to express....


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I love your camping spot. Where did you go?