Monday, June 30, 2008

Canyon Lake

Saturday we were fortunate enough to spend the day on the lake with Luke & Naomi and Dennis & Jenny. We had so much fun swimming and doing our many tricks on the tube. Ryan and I even stood up at one point.... not a good idea since he landed on top of me after that (see the picture). Naomi.... I love the goggles... ha ha. Thanks Luke & Naomi.... it was great!

Luke & Naomi posing

Naomi & Jenny holding on for dear life

Man... he's heavy. ha ha

Don't fall.....

Aww... so cute. Dennis & Jenny

Man... we are white!

Hold on Chloe & Lil Luke!

What's with the face Luke?


The Howards

Whoa! I had to run over and get my sunglasses to look at Ryan's picture. I thought I was white, but wow! His farmer's tan is awesome!


I love your blog Amber! I spent way to much time reading all the way down. What a fun story on how you guys met. Loved it! I am excited to keep in touch this way.

Shelley Goodman

I love the lake! You were brave to get on that tub with Ryan... I have a fear of getting my teeth knocked out on one of those.

Lara and Jon

OH MY GOSH we TOTALLY should have a Hills premiere party. Okay but I don't have cable so if you do then you might wanna have it there. If we have it at my house we will be watching it on the internet cuz that's the only way I can keep up unless I have my mother-in-law DVR it for me. But then we'd have to go to HER house. That's such a good idea though. So fun. Oh yeah and if you need to borrow a book from the series I only have Twilight and Eclipse so when you're done reading Twilight you might have to buy New Moon. But then if you need you can borrow Eclipse from me.

Mama Apes...

I wished I could have come! Looks like a blast! You two are so dang cute together and have so much fun! I remember the days with no children...SO FUN!


Those pictures look like you had a blast! Especially the tubing ones, and I have to second Zach's comment on Ryan's farmer tan......hilarious!:)