Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Half Way Point

I've been really frustrated with my weight recently because I have been stuck. I decided I needed a kick start, so I've been really disciplined and I lost 3 pounds this week. That puts my total loss for the year at about 30 pounds. I would love to lose 30 more, which means I'm half way there. I'm not going to give up though..... a skinny girl lives inside me somewhere.

Thanks for everyones support and encouragement.


The Howards

Plateauing is the worst with weight loss....but 30 pounds in 5 months! That's great! You're going to have to give us all the recipe on how to do it effectively.

Shelley Goodman

You have a pool... lucky! i am glad your pizza turned out yummy. You will have to give me your recipe! See you tonight

Lara and Jon

30 pounds is awesome. You should be so proud of yourself!! I'm still sad I missed movie night. Hope it was fun! When you mentioned bike riding to me the other day I decided that I need to go buy a bike. I have this really random goal to bike usary pass. Wanna do it with me?

brooke martin

This is just whwat I needed to read tonight right before I go to bed...I have lost it this past week and have degressed on my weight loss program sooo much. I'm back at it tomorrow for sure! I'M NOT EVEN HALF WAY THERE!!! I've got about 25 more to go. Let's help each other all along the way!!

The Smiths

YAY FOR YOU GIRL!! You look smokin :)