Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Girls Weekend!

I'm a little behind. As I told you before... a couple of weeks ago my family had a GIRLS WEEKEND here in Arizona for my Aunt Paula's baby shower. Here are the pictures detailing our events. They are kind of small but you can click on them to enlarge them.

On Friday... Mom, Carlee, Linda, and I went SHOPPING to the new San Tan Mall. The first picture is before we left. The second is Linda and Carlee debating on purses. And the third is mom in the fitting room. Next on the list...

Shopping at SAMS CLUB to get food for the shower.

Next we met up with the rest of the girls for lunch and of course.... MORE shopping!

The three cousins were in charge of getting balloons for the shower so we got kind of bored at the party shop waiting for them.

At the BABY SHOWER. It was fun to spend time with everyone! Paula is in the maroon on the far right. You can't even tell she's pregnant!!!

After the shower... SWIMMING!!!

Thanks ladies for a GREAT WEEKEND! We all need to do it again.
I had a great time!


Lara and Jon

Okay first picture the woman on the back row far left with the little boy. Who is she? She looks like someone I know but I don't wanna guess and be totally off.