Monday, April 28, 2008

Yummy Sushi!

If you like sushi.... make sure you try GOT SUSHI. They are the best! Its located at Power & McDowell and is one of my favorite places to visit. They have tappan yaki (japanese cook tables)if u are not a sushi lover which is so fun with a group. You get your own chef that cooks at your table and the food is divine. If you ARE a sushi lover like me, they also have a sushi bar and the best sushi. My favorites are the Las Vegas roll and the Got 1. I love it cuz the service is great and the people remember you and treat you well. If you go, make sure you look at the wall of pictures and look to see if you can find me. The picture was taken about 3 years ago so you might have a hard time finding me.


Lara and Jon

Jon and I absolutely LOVE Sushi. In fact, we nicknamed Ryder "Sushi". HA! We will definitely try that place. I just wish it wasn't so expensive to eat it cuz I could have it for lunch everyday no problem.

Shelley Goodman

Um, we can't be friends anymore if you like sushi that much. j/k. I have tried it but I didn't do so well afterwards. Cute new car, it must have been hard to give up that beemer.

The Smiths

I was just talking about Sushi 2 nights ago! This may sound strange but is the sushi there smaller than that of Ra?? You should also check out Blue Wasabi. YUMMY (and small bite sizes).