Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Heart Day!

Yesterday was Amber's Day.... I mean Valentine's Day! My amazing husband gave me the new John Grisham book "The Appeal" and a Weight Watchers cook book. Then I got to pick dinner which of course was sushi! Yummy. After dinner we went to Golden Spoon to have frozen yogurt. When we got home.. .there were more presents. I also got the movie "Becoming Jane" and the new Jack Johnson CD..... Not to brag, but I told you that I have the BEST husband ever! There's more too. He picked out a movie to watch and he picked an old Doris Day/Rock Hudson movie which I love. The best part of the day was just spending time with him. Thank you for a fabulous day Ryan...... I LOVE YOU!


Zach and Carrie Howard

I don't think I can let Carrie read this blog posting. She is going to be jealous of all of the things Ryan did for you. I've been saving up stuff for her birthday, so we'll see if I can compete. :)

Shelley Goodman

Don't you just LOVE valentines day?! You scored this year with good stuff. I love it when husbands get creative.

Shelley Goodman

hey, e-mail me your address. I am having a jewelry party in march.

Tiffany Fackrell

Wow Ryan, sounds like you scored some major points!!!! We wouldn't have expected anything less from you!!! You guys are adorable, I LOVE that picture!! You both look so so happy!!! It is a perfect fit!!


You guys make a beautiful couple!
I'm glad you had great Valentines, some guys just GET IT and it sounds like Ryan does:)


Hey Ryan this is your favorite cousin! I'm so mad at my parents for not sending me or at least showing me your wedding announcement. I'm pretty pathetic and love my blogging haha so i'm gonna add you to mine to check up on you guys! Looks like the wedding went amazing. You two look so happy!


brooke martin

Last night was so much fun! I'll have to get your email so I can add you to the group list for next month's girls night movie night!!