Monday, February 25, 2008

Cabin Fever!

Over the weekend we traveled up north to Christopher Creek to hang out with some friends at a cabin. As we drove up on Friday night, it was snowing and we were reminded that it is WINTER. We woke up to fresh white snow on Saturday morning so we decided to talk a walk and enjoy the strange white stuff that now covered the ground. (ha ha) Next on the agenda was Target practice. Some of the boys had brought up their pistols and rifles so we loaded up and headed out to go shooting. The highlight was when the boys decided to take out the snowman... execution style. After lunch and a quick nap we were back outside to do some four-wheeling. There was sooooo much MUD and snow but we only got stuck once, it was a blast.

We had a blast and look forward to the next group trip..... camping in Mexico?????

For some reasons the boys decided to make it a disney movie marathon weekend. The T/V at the cabin was constantly playing... Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and more. The boys agreed unanimously that Belle is the hottest Princess. What are your thoughts??? I think Ariel was pretty HOT in those shells.


Zach and Carrie Howard

Who was the brave one that stood 'behind' the snowman with all of the guns pointed at it? All in good fun, right?

Jami Edwards

Hey Amber! It looks like you had a ton of fun! Would you believe that I still have your wedding gift? We need to get together soon:)