Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Absolute Craziness!

So amidst the craziness last weekend with the superbowl being in town, the girls still decided to go out on the town and live it up. Of course the night started out at Chevy's...... a favorite for us all. After dinner and after stuffing ourselves, we decided to go to downtown Tempe. I know what your thinking..... crazy right! After driving around looking for a free parking space, we sucked it up and paid $10 to park in a garage that normally only cost $1. First stop was "The Big Bang", which is a piano bar where dueling pianos take requests and play. We were reminded again that it was superbowl weekend when they upped the cover from $6 to $10 for the weekend. Of course all of the tables were reserved for the more "Important" guests and we got tired of just standing around, so we got our bracelets and headed back out on the streets. The only way I can describe all the people to you is to say that it looked like New York City at rush hour. It was insane!!!! After fighting traffic, we went to Margherita Rocks which is a dance club so we could get our groove on. We immediately hit the dance floor and were tired and exhausted after about 30 minutes. Ha ha... I felt soooo old! After that we just hung out for awhile longer and then it was time to call it a night.


Shelley Goodman

I had no idea you are such a party animal! I love hanging out with the girls. Your hair is so cute