Friday, January 25, 2008

Date Night!

This year we have decided to have date night on Thursdays. For several reasons, one being that restaurants are drastically less busy on Thursdays instead of Fridays or Saturdays.

So last night we went to dinner at Rumbi's. It is one of the places that we are allowed to go on "Ward Watchers" and then we decided to go bowling.

We were on a mission, bowling that is. We bowled 5 games in a row. Unfortanetly I lost 4 of the five games..... including one where Ryan bowled left handed. I think the Wii bowling has fouled up my real game. The sad thing is... my shoulder is a little sore today. Ha ha How pathetic is that!


The Howards

Dang. Who would have thought that the Wii would have thrown you off that much? :) We also had the opposite problem at work last week. One lady played Wii bowling on a Saturday night and couldn't lift anything come Monday morning because her shoulder was stiff. Pretty funny.


Hey guys, this is Tiffany (Byington) Fackrell! You guys look so so happy and I love all of your pics on your header!! Amber, I can't wait to meet you, Ryan's mom said something about you guys comeing up in february maybe for an open house...? David and I are actually living in Richland right now until April so you will have to let us know if you guys end up coming up! You can see our little family at (there are also links to Capri's blog and a big byington blog that you can check out from my page...only if you wanted to!!!)


Hey Ryan and Amber! This is Rosie Torres (Pitcher). I grew up in the same ward as Ryan in Washington.

Congrats on being newlyweds, you guys are so cute!

Zach tracked me down and I found you guys off of his blog. I love how finding people just work out:)

It looks like you guys are doing well and I am so happy for Ryan! He is the greatest guy! Please tell him hello for me:)

Congrats again!